The most common causes of backache

The Daily Express | REVEALED: Most common cause of backache – but will the top activity surprise you?

A study found that the nation’s lower back pain epidemic is fueled by a number of daily activities – but gardening is the most common of these. More than a third (37 per cent) of adults over 40 said they had suffered back, joint or muscle pain as a result of gardening or mowing the lawn.

A quarter of respondents claimed sitting at a desk has caused them pain while a fifth blamed DIY work. A further fifth said carrying or lifting children had caused problems, 16 per cent even said they suffered pain due to sleeping and five percent put it down to sex.

Andrew Gallagher, chief operating officer of Phynova Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Tablets who conducted the research, said: “Long-term pain is a huge and growing problem in the UK and has a really damaging impact on people’s lives. Living with pain puts a huge strain upon people, often preventing them doing the things they love and triggering mood swings and depression. As a result, it can also put a lot of pressure upon people’s relationships. As a country, it’s important we start to look more closely at what could be causing this pain and find new ways to manage and treat it.”

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