Workplace Wellbeing: Paws for thought

Creating a workplace environment that promotes positive mental and physical wellbeing is something we champion here at Phynova. It goes without saying that a healthier workforce makes for happier employees.

Sometimes the facilitation of this isn’t always obvious. Some workplaces offer discounts to gyms, encourage walking meetings or promote lunch away from desks to give people a break from their screens. The reality is that a mix of all these things and more can help create and drive a positive and active working environment.

Here at Phynova HQ, we have an extra special (and furry) addition to our workplace that we believe helps foster just this. Introducing Winnie…

Winnie is Head of Security at the Phynova HQ. She happens to be a Great Swiss Mountain Dog (also known as a Swissy); the breed is the largest of the Sennenhund, a group of four swiss mountain working dogs.

True to her working breed, Winnie takes her job very seriously and excels at meet and greets, thriving on any attention. She also demands regular walks and exercise; we usually take her over into woods during her lunch hour. When she gets the opportunity, she does a thorough check of all the office bins.

There has been a lot said about the links between dogs and positive mental wellbeing to help combat stress and anxiety, improve social interactions and raise morale. (Mental Health Organisation)

Winnie’s presence has also been a catalyst for greater physical activity; she needs at least one big lunch walk and she is always a reason to get up from our desks to give her some attention. It is these little habit-forming activities we believe really does helps us get moving throughout the day.


But don’t just take our word for it – The British Sport Medical Journal advocates the positive presence a dog in our lives as a catalyst for physical activity and walking the dog has taken on a whole new meaning to our health – plus the greater social wellbeing a dog can encourage.

Two British studies by Dall (2017) and Wu (2017) highlight that older adults who own a dog achieved a higher daily average number of steps and spent less time sitting and lying down compared to those who did not own a dog or who did not regularly walk their dog.

So why not give it a go this Bring Your Dog To Work Day on Friday 21st June and see how your own furry, office friend can be a catalyst for greater physical and mental wellbeing.