Stay fit and healthy through self-isolation By Dr Gemma Newman

Keeping your body in physical fitness during enforced quarantine is challenging which is why Dr Gemma Newman believes that it’s vital to take a holistic approach to keep joints and muscles as pain free as possible.

Here’s her tips:


Study data shows healthy foods can really help improve the pain of inflammatory and osteoarthritis.

Having the right building blocks for a healthy body and a fully functioning immune system is a wonderful way to feel empowered to greater health. Dr Gemma Newman’s website has lots of resources and cook books, and she’s a big fan of more plant based meals, packed with fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, to give you the perfect ingredients for reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and of course, arthritis. Foods rich in polyphenols, vitamins and minerals are the perfect choice to make you feel good as you get creative in the kitchen.


Stand up every 15 minutes, or four times an hour. Walk between rooms of the house. Use baked bean tins as mini weights. Basically use anything you can think of to keep those muscles moving. This will be vital to reduce risk of losing muscle mass and avoiding frailty. Making new muscle fibres doesn’t just keep you strong, but it can also reduce your risk of dementia, improve your concentration and lift your mood. Your body is a heavy weight, so you can use that if you don’t want to buy dumb-bells.

Stretching is a simple way of keeping muscles flexible and relieving joint stiffness. Whether you prefer to have a bit of a stretch in your living room every morning or actually follow a guided yoga or pilates routine is fully up to you.


Lift your spirits by trying new hobbies or maintaining the ones you used to have! Did you know that knitting is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis?