Understanding Sigesbeckia’s Health and Remedial Benefits

Did you know that Sigesbeckia is an active ingredient? Are you wanting to know what health and remedial benefits it offers? Are you wanting to know more about the health benefits of this active ingredient?

These could be the questions you may well be asking yourself and that we would like to answer for you. Not only that but we’d like to take it a step further and to highlight its origins, history and the medical applications of Sigesbeckia orientalis.

  • Backache
  • Minor sports injuries
  • Rheumatic or muscular pains
  • And general aches and pains in the muscles and joints

Let’s take a closer look into its history and uses, so you can get to know and understand how Sigesbeckia can help you.

What is Sigesbeckia and its history?

Known as Sigesbeckia orientalis but more commonly known as Sigesbeckia or St. Pauls Wort. Sigesbeckia has been used for over a thousand years and is a modern traditional Chinese medicine used to treat various forms of arthritis, sciatica, backache and rheumatic pain. Its first use was dated back as far as 659 AD.

Did you know that Sigesbeckia was named after botanist Johann Georg Siegesbeck after he tried to discredit Carl Linnaeus the, ‘father of modern taxonomy,’ over the way he chose to name plants?

In 2015 Phynova Joint and Muscle relief tablets was the first and only herbal product in the UK, containing the extract of Sigesbeckia orientalis, to have gained approval under the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme. This meant it was then able to be sold over-the-counter for ailments such as backache, minor sports injuries, rheumatic or muscular pains and general aches and pains in the muscles and joints, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy.


Back pain can occur through a sprain or strain, spasms, nerve compression, herniated discs and other problems in your lower, middle and upper back.

Poor posture, lifting and stretching, sudden movements placing strain on your lower back and sports injuries, are amongst the main culprits for causing back pain.

Minor sports injuries

Minor sports injuries can be caused by an accident such as a fall or blow, not warming up properly before exercise, pushing yourself too hard and not using the appropriate equipment or perhaps poor technique.

Rheumatic and muscular pain

Common causes of rheumatic and muscle pain can be due to; tension and stress, lack of minerals, certain medication, dehydration, sprains and strains, sleep deficiency, too much physical activity and sometimes other underlying health conditions and diseases.

General aches and pains in muscles and joints

Overexertion due to a new exercise routine or from a sprain or strain can cause general aches and pains in muscles and joints. But so too can modern day busy life. The impact on our bodies can trigger aches and pains in your muscles and joints and lower your resistance to illness and disease.

The Benefit of Sigesbeckia extract

One of the benefits of Sigesbeckia extract, as used in approved licensed products, is that it has no known side effects or interactions with other medications according to the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC). Always check that the product you purchase is an approved Traditional Herbal Medicine Product in the UK.

In summary: Look after your joints and muscles with Sigesbeckia

Our bodies are all different, and our approach and tolerances will vary. Used for over a thousand years and known for its anti-inflammatory and mobility benefits alongside being used for joint and muscle pain; Sigesbeckia is a herbal medicine that works best when used over time.

Looking for a traditional remedy for joint and muscle relief? Why not try Sigesbeckia?